Need a piece of heavy machinery for your construction or agriculture business? From construction equipment to farm machinery finance, there are solutions so you can run your business more efficiently. Here’s a top 12 list of some heavy equipment. While the list below is not exhaustive, you’ll get an idea about the types of construction equipment and farm machinery you can finance.

Cranes: This tall construction equipment created to move heavy objects is expensive, but a crane can easily be financed.

Road Rollers: The road roller is also a useful piece of heavy equipment, but due to the price tag, most of them need construction equipment financing.

Loaders: Most popularly known as a loader, wheel loader, bucket loader or payloader, this piece of heavy equipment is essential to most construction sites. The value a loader provides often comes with a high price tag that needs financing.

Crawlers: Also known as a bulldozer, this machine is one of the most popular types of construction equipment. This burly piece of construction machinery comes at a hefty price that may need to be financed.

Excavators: A popular piece of heavy equipment at construction sites, an excavator machine is controlled by a crane and designed to dig. No need to dig deep in your own pockets when you can utilize heavy equipment financing.

Forklift: Used to move materials in warehouses, construction sites and even some office environments, the forklift is an incredibly useful piece of heavy equipment. The machinery can also be expensive, requiring financing.

Motor Grader: Seemingly less common than other pieces of construction equipment, the motor grader still has its place on a construction site. Be forewarned: this piece of heavy equipment is big and expensive. Financing can help spread the cost out over time.

Backhoes: These machines are more reasonably priced than some other heavy equipment, but can still typically be financed.

Compactors: These machines offer users ways to compact waste, soil and other materials. Compactors are useful on construction sites, landfills and on farms through construction or farm machinery finance.

Irrigation: Installing new irrigation systems throughout farmland can be costly but a necessity for growing crops. Investing in a new system is easy with agricultural machinery finance.

Tractors: Tractors range wildly in price but are often worth the investment due to the efficiency created. Farm machinery financing can make it affordable.

Seeders: If you’re a farmer, a seeder is essential. The good news is farm machinery finance can help you acquire this must-have piece of agricultural equipment.

No matter what kind of construction or farming equipment you need to finance, we can help. We work with all types of clients, not just ones with an A+ credit rating. Let us help you grow your construction or agricultural business by contacting us today!