Commercial Vehicle Leasing With Lease Genie

If your business frequently transports large amounts of goods, yet you don’t have a sufficient means of transportation, streamline your workflow today with commercial vehicle leasing from Lease Genie. Receiving funding to meet the growing demands of your business has never been easier, and most leases are funded completely on the same day that they are approved. Whether you lack the proper capital to acquire commercial vehicles for your business, or you are just looking for a solution to short-term transportation problems, Lease Genie is here to help you with your equipment leasing needs.

How Leasing Commercial Vehicles Works


If your business is in need of the best commercial vehicles to transport and deliver goods, begin by applying for a commercial vehicle lease with Lease Genie! During the initial phase of obtaining funding for your business, we will help you locate the commercial vehicles that are best equipped to exceed your needs. We will also evaluate your current credit score to determine if you are eligible for funding.


After submitting your equipment lease application as well as your vendor invoice for the vehicles you require, your application will be reviewed before being approved. This is a necessary step to ensuring that you receive funding for your commercial vehicle lease.


Once your commercial vehicle lease application has been looked over and approved by a team of professionals, your leasing documents will be created for you to read and sign before receiving funding.


After you have signed and submitted your leasing documents, your commercial vehicle lease will be funded nearly instantly. In fact, almost all business owners receive funding for their equipment lease on the same or next business day.

If you are ready to apply for a commercial vehicle lease and would like to take the next steps to receive funding, request your free quote today with Lease Genie. We have funded both small and medium-sized businesses alike for more than 10 years, and look forward to helping your business grow and succeed.