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Lease Genie’s Referral Partner Program 

Become a Referral Partner with Lease Genie by telling others about our business lending services.  At Lease Genie we offer an industry leading referral fee for anyone referring a new client; the referral must fund their equipment lease and/or working capital term loan or line of credit through Lease Genie.

Lease Genie’s referral program has  no limit to the number of businesses that can be referred.  There is no cap to the potential of money you can earn. The process is simple, refer the business owner to Lease Genie using this link.  The referred client completes a form and provide some basic information about their business and, if they obtain funding from us, you get paid a referral fee!

Not only will you be earning a referral fee, but you will also be helping a business grow and succeed.  As it becomes harder and harder for businesses to obtain traditional funding, Lease Genie prides itself on being an industry leader in the equipment leasing and alternative financing markets.  We offer the most competitive interest rates and terms for our clients.  Depending on the client, Lease Genie typically funds its clients in 1 to 3 days (excluding SBA loans). 


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