Line of Credit

Obtain a Line of Credit so when you need the money, you can access it at affordable rates.

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How Lines of Credit Work


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Money When You Need It

You have apredetermined amount of money available when you need it.

Flexible Repayment

You choose how fast you wish to repay, now or over time.


Many of our clients get the Line of Credit approved and available the very same day.

Line of Credit Basics

Our Unsecured Line of Credit program will give your business access to a revolving line-of-credit.  The funds are drawn as needed, saving the company interest expense.  Our Line of Credit offers flexibility and renews every 12 months.  Pay the line up and down, it is a true unsecured revolving line of credit.

If you are considering a business Line of Credit, bear in mind the benefits of revolving credit; i.e., maximum flexibility, low interest rates, and full control of capital.

It is often said, “It is better to have a Line of Credit and not need it, than to need a Line of Credit and not have it.” 

There is a right time and wrong time for securing a Line of Credit; contact a Lease Genie representative and let them help evaluate your needs.  All conversations are confidential – is your business worth a 5-to-10-minute phone call? 

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