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Lease Genie is on your side to ensure that you receive sufficient funding for your construction needs.

Heavy machinery and miscellaneous construction equipment can be incredibly costly, especially if you lack the proper capital to get your business off of the ground. Worse yet, you may already own old construction equipment that simply isn’t capable of handling the demands that modern construction brings. 

Fortunately, Lease Genie is on your side to ensure that you receive sufficient funding for your construction needs. Not only do most individuals have their lease funded on the same day that their application is approved, they can do so confidently knowing that Lease Genie has more than 15 years of proven experience in helping business owners throughout the country reach their goals.

Applying | Submitting | Documenting | Funding


If you are searching for the top equipment financing company before you apply for your lease, end your search today with Lease Genie! All applicants begin the financing process by applying for an equipment lease. During this time, Lease Genie will help you acquire the financing you require by finding the highest quality construction equipment for your company’s needs. While searching for construction equipment, we will review and consult you on your current credit score.


Once you have submitted your construction equipment lease application along with your vendor invoice for the equipment you need, your application will be evaluated before it is approved. This is required to see if you are a good fit before drafting the documentation for your lease.


After your construction equipment lease have been submitted and approved, you will then be required to read over and sign your equipment financing documents before receiving funding.


Lastly, once you have signed and submitted your financing documents, your construction equipment lease will be funded almost instantaneously. Most of our clients receive funding the same day that their lease is approved, although some individuals may have to wait up to one business day before their lease is funded.

Receive the funding you need today by requesting your free equipment financing quote with Lease Genie. With more than 15 years of proven success in funding both small and medium-sized business owners, we are ready to take the next steps in turning your company’s dreams into reality!

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