If you are a new business that is strapped for cash, there is a good chance that your lack of funding imposes certain limitations that can compromise your daily workflow. From unsuitable equipment to no equipment at all, there are many reasons why startup companies struggle to get their feet on the ground during their first few years of operation. However, with equipment financing, you can quickly and easily begin to operate how a professional business should. That’s why, in today’s article about getting approved for equipment financing, we will be discussing a few of the industries that Lease Genie commonly serves!

If you are looking for the top equipment financing company that offers quick and easy approval times, look no further than Lease Genie. We know that it can be difficult to receive funding for your business, especially if you are unable to receive funding from banks, which is why Lease Genie says “yes,” even when banks say, “no.” If you are interested in learning how Lease Genie can help your business grow, continue reading more on the subject below.


As a restaurateur, you may find it difficult to keep up with the many demands of your customers. To make matters worse, old or broken down kitchen equipment can leave your food service slow or completely inoperable at times. This can leave much to be desired for guests, who may be inclined to visit another restaurant the next time they decide to eat out. Why lose potential returning customers when you could be turning a profit as soon as you open your doors for business? With Lease Genie, you can receive equipment financing for kitchen appliances, dining furniture, and so much more.


Using old construction equipment can be dangerous and can lead to workplace injuries. However, with the right tools at your disposal, you can reduce the risk of injury while improving work efficiencies. This is why construction companies choose Lease Genie when they are searching for the best construction equipment that can be financed at an incredibly affordable price.


If you work in the commercial sector, and are required to make frequent deliveries, you may become overwhelmed without the right fleet of vehicles at your disposal. At Lease Genie, we offer professionals in the commercial sector the best selection of commercial vehicles currently available. Streamline your workload capabilities today with equipment financing from Lease Genie!

New Businesses

Are you a new business owner that is having difficulty receiving funding? Getting up and running is hard enough, why complicate your endeavors further by not having the proper equipment at your disposal? With Lease Genie, you can furnish your office building with the latest and greatest equipment designed to improve your business’s workflow and reduce operating costs.

If you are interested in receiving equipment financing quickly and easily for your business in Omaha, get in contact with the financing professionals today at Lease Genie. We have helped a variety of businesses receive funding in a timely manner, and we’re ready to help you too! Visit our website or call our team of professionals at 402-281-9830 to learn more!